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Sheridan's Original Double Liquor

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The iconic layered liqueur uniquely combines two distinct flavors in one bottle with a layer of Irish whiskey based liqueur on the bottom and an aged coffee flavor in the top. The coffee flavor is irresistibly smooth, making it the perfect base for any coffee-based drink. Created by renowned Irish craftsmen and whiskey expert, Sheridan's Original Double Liquor Liqueur has quickly become one of the leading coffee liqueurs on the market. This spirit brings a smooth, creamy, and lightly roasted flavor to your cocktails and allows you to explore the complexity of coffee-based drinks, even at home. This dessert-style liqueur is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to a variety of drinks. Enjoy it neat, over ice, or in a delicious cocktail. It pairs nicely with chocolate and makes for an exquisite after-dinner drink choice. Try it in an Espresso Martini for a unique twist on a classic, or as a float over a glass of Guinness. You can also use Sheridan's Original Double Liquor Liqueur to create a delightful White Russian, with a creamy finish and an added layer of complexity.
Type Liqueurs
Region Ireland
Brand Sheridan's
SKU 625756
Alcohol content 15.5%
Size 750mL

Sheridan's Original Double Liquor
Sheridan's Original Double Liquor Sale price$48.00