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Ladurée Assorted Macarons Gift Box - 35 piece Classic Edition

LADURÉE Cake Dimensions

Dimensions for our cake portions are as follows:

  • 4 portions: Diameter 15cm x Height 5cm
  • 6 portions: Diameter 17.5cm x Height 5cm
  • 8 portions: Diameter 20cm x Height 5cm

Kindly be advised that there may be minor variations in these measurements.

Sale price$199.00

Embark on an exquisite Parisian culinary journey with LADURÉE PARIS's Classic Macarons. Housed in a lavish box inspired by the splendor of Napoleon's era, are 35 pieces of masterfully curated macarons. Every individual macaron encapsulates the meticulous artistry of LADURÉE's craftsmen, exuding flavors that instantly transport your senses to the historic heart of Paris. Seamlessly blending time-honored traditions with contemporary flair, these macarons offer an unmatched epicurean adventure.

Yet, the experience of LADURÉE's Macarons extends beyond personal delight. Representing the pinnacle of luxurious gifting, this collection is an ode to Parisian sophistication. When shared with loved ones or distinguished associates, this gift embodies the timeless elegance that LADURÉE is globally renowned for. The brand transcends mere gastronomy; it's an emblem of French luxury. Bestow upon someone the grandeur of Paris's culinary heritage with this magnificent array of Classic Macarons.
Ladurée Assorted Macarons Gift Box - 35 piece Classic Edition | Exquisite Wine & Alcohol Gift Delivery Toronto Canada | Vyno
Ladurée Assorted Macarons Gift Box - 35 piece Classic Edition Sale price$199.00