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Chateau de Montgueret Cremant de Loire Brut

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Cremant de Loire brut is a very popular wine throughout Paris. This high-quality wine comes in a sweet and smooth character. The wine is pale lemon-green.
The lively and crispy texture makes the wine an ideal aperitif. You can enjoy this soft wine at any time of the year but it is ideal to have a glass in warm weather.
Flavor and Aroma:

Cremant de Loire brut is a medium-bodied wine blended with a mixture of orchard fruit, lime and mineral flavors. The dry sparkling fruity flavor displays a rounded texture on your taste buds.

The wonderful fine beads feel rich on the palate. The fresh brut is occasionally crisp and lively. The champagne style covers the crispy bubbly properly. The demi secs feel gentle while roses are a bit tannic.

The wine offers classical lifted aromas of a variety of minerals and herbs. It typically gives a sweet-sour fragrance because of the presence of honey and citrus.
The white-fleshed fruits, lemon balm, hazelnuts and almonds spread a delighting aroma in the atmosphere upon opening the cap. A hint of vanilla and liquorice are also added occasionally to further delight your mood. The roses added to the wine contribute to the red berry scent.

Winemaking technique
Chateau de Montgueret Cremant de Loire Brut is produced using the exceptional 'méthode traditionnelle'. This dry sparkling wine is produced from Chenin Blanc grapes. Additionally, the wine is added with chardonnay, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and Pineau d' Aunis.

Best foods to pair with wine
The wine makes the best pair with the traditional fried fish, prosciutto parmesan sticks, chicken, and broccoli sticks. Bibb ham and garden tomato salad with herb dressing also taste wonderful with the wine.

Type Sparkling Wine
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Size 750mL

Chateau de Montgueret Cremant de Loire Brut - Vyno
Chateau de Montgueret Cremant de Loire Brut Sale price$30.00