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Matervini Piedras Viejas 2018

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Matervini Piedras Viejas 2018: A Symphony of Ancient Stones and Artisanal Mastery

Matervini’s Piedras Viejas, hailing from the well-acclaimed 2018 vintage, is a testament to the harmonious union between the rugged allure of ancient terroir and the meticulous artisanship of modern winemaking. As a creation sculpted from the venerable soils of Argentina’s revered wine region, this Malbec sings of the ancient stones (Piedras Viejas) beneath the vineyard’s surface, shaping a narrative of both historical richness and innovative spirit.

Diving into the Soul of Matervini Piedras Viejas 2018
The soul of Piedras Viejas unfurls with a vibrant tapestry of olfactory and palatal experiences. A wafting melody of ripe black fruits, interspersed with nuanced notes of violets, mingles seamlessly with traces of minerals and earth, weaving an intricate tale of the terroir’s ancient origins. The palate is caressed by a cascade of opulent fruit, underpinned by a riveting minerality and a finely sculpted structure, where tannins and acidity play in a harmonious balance.

With an aging potential that promises an evolving saga of complexity and finesse, Piedras Viejas 2018 invites a journey through time, where each ensuing year unveils new, enchanting layers of flavors, aromas, and textural depth.

Gifting a Timeless Journey with Matervini Piedras Viejas 2018
When the Matervini Piedras Viejas 2018 finds its place as a gift, it becomes a poignant expression of respect and cherished connections. It's a beautiful metaphor for a journey through time and space, capturing the essence of ancient, stony soils and the unyielding dedication of the artisans who coax forth its lush, vibrant character.

The choice to gift this wine speaks volumes of the giver's appreciation for the recipient's palate, offering not merely a bottle of exquisite wine but a vibrant, evolving experience that transcends the ordinary. It's a sharing of stories, of the ancient lands from which it hails, and of the unspoken bond that lies subtly between the giver and the receiver.

With its profound depth, evolving narrative, and the timeless story encapsulated within, Matervini Piedras Viejas 2018 becomes more than a gift; it becomes a shared exploration through the rugged, enchanting landscapes of Argentina’s viticultural heritage, and a cherished token of respect, admiration, and enduring connections. It’s a vessel through which the ancient stones whisper their tales, creating a beautiful, shared tapestry that will linger in cherished memories and celebratory toasts.
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Matervini Piedras Viejas 2018 Sale price$340.00