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DOMENIS 1898 Storica Nera Grappa 500mL

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DOMENIS 1898 Storica Nera Grappa 500mL - A Journey Through Italian Artistry and Tradition

Hailing from the revered Italian regions known for distillation par excellence, DOMENIS 1898 presents the Storica Nera Grappa in a 500mL edition. This Grappa, with every sip, resonates with the echoes of skilled craftsmanship, age-old traditions, and the passion of generations.

Color - Crystal Clarity
In its bespoke bottle, the Grappa exudes an immaculate clear brilliance, symbolizing the purity and finesse achieved through dedicated distillation.

Nose - A Symphony of Sensations
On approach, it captivates with classic Grappa aromatics, intertwined with notes of fresh-cut grapes, gentle floral whispers, and a hint of almond sweetness, setting the stage for an immersive taste adventure.

Palate - Essence of Elegance
On tasting, the Storica Nera Grappa reveals a tapestry of flavors. From ripe orchard fruits to subtle herby undertones, the palate is treated to a harmonious blend. Its silken texture ensures a delightful mouthfeel, culminating in a satisfying, long-lasting finish.

Legacy of Mastery
Behind each bottle of DOMENIS 1898 Grappa lies a rich heritage. With techniques passed down through the ages and married with contemporary innovations, the result is nothing short of perfection in a bottle.

Spirit of Italian Vineyards
The Storica Nera Grappa encapsulates the essence of sun-kissed Italian vineyards, the bountiful grapes they produce, and the skilled hands that craft this exceptional spirit.

Gifting - A Token of Refinement
Offering a bottle of DOMENIS 1898 Storica Nera Grappa 500mL is a gesture that speaks volumes. Whether it's a celebration or a quiet evening, this Grappa stands as a tribute to Italy's rich distillation culture, making it a cherished gift for those with a discerning palate and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

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DOMENIS 1898 Storica Nera Grappa 500mL Sale price$100.00