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Speck Bros. Three of Hearts Rosé

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Speck Bros. Three of Hearts Rosé: An Enchanting Melody of Fruit and Terroir

A Trio of Passion and Winemaking

Speck Bros. Three of Hearts Rosé is crafted with passion and expertise, weaving a story of the Speck Brothers’ commitment to exemplary winemaking, where every drop mirrors their dedication to quality and the luscious terroir of the Niagara Peninsula.

Elegance and Vibrancy in Every Sip

Endearing with its delicate pink hue, this Rosé enchants with a vibrant melody of fresh red fruits, gentle florals, and a tantalizing acidity, ensuring each sip is a harmonious blend of invigorating freshness and elegant complexity.

Heartfelt Expressions of Niagara

The bottle tells a tale of the enchanting Niagara landscapes, where each grape is nurtured to encapsulate the spirit of the region, presenting a Rosé that is not only a celebration of fruit and flora but also a heartfelt expression of its beloved terroir.

Gift a Symphony of Flavors

Choosing Speck Bros. Three of Hearts Rosé as a gift is akin to sharing a symphony of flavors, where the refreshing notes play a delightful tune that will gracefully elevate any occasion, creating memories adorned with the allure of finely crafted wine.

An epitome of charming elegance, Speck Bros. Three of Hearts Rosé offers a wine experience that caresses the palate with its vibrant and heartfelt symphony, inviting you to immerse in the delightful rhythms of the Speck Brothers’ winemaking legacy.

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Speck Bros. Three of Hearts Rosé Sale price$26.00