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Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Red AOC

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MOUTON CADET BORDEAUX RED comes from the leading family in France. BORDEAUX is one of the largest wine-producing regions of France. It is divided into two major areas: the left and right bank.

Mouton Cadet is one of the finest and most popular Bordeaux wines throughout the globe. It has been the top production of the Bordeaux region since 1930.
Bordeaux reds are popular as terroir-driven. Baron Philippe de Rothschild created this expression after he decided to make his products accessible. Since then, the red cadet remains a top classic choice for red wine lovers.

MOUTON CADET BORDEAUX RED is a medium-bodied wine with a cherry red hue. The blend of fruit Merlot with lovely Cabernet Sauvignon grapes maintains the unique structure of the wine.

The nose opens with the rich elegant fruit aroma of wild strawberry, burlat cherry, blueberry, and blackcurrant. This fruity aroma is further strengthened by the notes of sweet spices. The rich pulpy cheery offers a fruity and juicy flavor and the fruity fragrances felt dry on the palate. The tannic is intense, soft, and dense.

The cinnamon, white pepper and roasted coffee beans contribute to the spice hints. The tannic structure of the red wine is well balanced with the fresh oak notes giving an excellent finish. The finish is remarkable with the subtle sweetness.

Best Foods to Serve With Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Red
The refined wine makes the best pair with a diversity of dishes including pork tenderloin, duck breast and a selection of cheese, game meat, roast lamb, or hearty beef stews. This red wine also goes perfectly with red meats and sausages.

Best Temperature for serving
For the best experience, it is recommended to open the bottle an hour before serving at a temperature between 15 °C to 17 °C.


Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Red AOC - Vyno
Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Red AOC Sale price$25.00