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Folonari Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

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Folonari Prosecco DOC Extra Dry: A Symphony of Italian Elegance

Enticing Elegance from Italy’s Veneto Region

Folonari Prosecco DOC Extra Dry gracefully hails from the Veneto region, offering a melodious blend of premium quality and classic Italian winemaking tradition. Crafted from the delicate Glera grapes, this sparkling wine encapsulates a delicate yet expressive character, embodying the cherished quality of the Prosecco DOC designation.

A Harmonious Balance of Sweetness and Freshness

This extra dry Prosecco presents a splendid balance between a subtle sweetness and invigorating freshness. With enchanting notes of green apple, pear, and light floral undertones, it serenades the palate with a lively and uplifting melody, enhanced by its consistent and delicate perlage.

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Modern Enjoyment

Folonari skillfully harmonizes time-honored winemaking techniques with contemporary enjoyment. Employing the Charmat method, where secondary fermentation occurs in tanks, this Prosecco maintains the vibrant freshness of the Glera grapes, resulting in a sparkling wine that is both classic and refreshingly modern.

A Versatile Partner to Culinary Delights

With its delicately sweet and refreshingly crisp profile, Folonari Prosecco serves as a versatile pairing companion. From light appetizers, through seafood entrées, to delectable desserts, this sparkling wine has the ability to elevate a myriad of dishes, complementing flavors and enhancing dining experiences.

Embrace Celebrations with Effervescence

Every sip of Folonari Prosecco promises a bubbly embrace of celebration and leisure. Whether it’s a significant milestone, a gathering of loved ones, or a spontaneous moment of joy, this Prosecco stands ready to add an extra sparkle to every occasion, turning moments into cherished memories.

Let the bubbles of Folonari Prosecco DOC Extra Dry dance upon your palate, ushering you into a world where Italian tradition, quality, and moments of celebration intertwine, crafting experiences that are as delightful as they are memorable.

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Folonari Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Sale price$23.00