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Empress 1908 Gin

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Empress 1908 Gin: A Spirit of Regality and Innovation

Empress 1908 Gin is not your typical gin – it is a spirit steeped in legacy while simultaneously embracing the innovative. Crafted in Victoria, Canada, this gin captures the imagination and palate with its unique features and captivating indigo hue. Empress 1908 gains its distinct color and nuanced flavors from the infusion of butterfly pea blossom, which not only gifts it with a rich, natural color but also introduces a sophisticated earthiness to its profile. Upon combining with tonic or citrus, the gin undergoes a magical transformation, changing its color and revealing the complexity and theatrics that it brings to mixology.

The spirit harmoniously weaves together eight botanicals, including juniper, grapefruit peel, ginger root, and rose petal, crafting a gin that is vibrant, crisp, and elegantly spiced. On the palate, Empress 1908 starts with a pronounced juniper foundation, gradually giving way to layers of citrus, spice, and floral notes, rendering it a standout in its category.

With its origin rooted in the majestic Empress Hotel and a name that pays homage to the history and royalty of its inception, Empress 1908 is an experience that extends beyond the bottle, effortlessly fusing tradition with modernity. Its distinct and vibrant indigo color is not merely a visual treat but also a nod to its natural and carefully curated botanicals.

A Gift of Elegance: Empress 1908 Gin
When gifting Empress 1908 Gin, one is not merely giving a bottle of gin, but rather sharing a narrative of elegance, history, and innovation. It's a gift that intrigues from the moment the bottle is presented, with its royal color signaling that this is no ordinary gin. As a gift, it offers a versatile drinking experience, suitable for classic gin and tonics, creative cocktail concoctions, or refined sipping. Empress 1908, with its beautifully complex botanical profile and visually striking presence, immediately elevates any home bar and brings a unique touch to gatherings. The bottle, with its rich color and classic design, is not merely a beverage; it is an experience waiting to unfold, making it a thoughtful and mesmerizing gift for occasions where ordinary simply won’t do.
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Empress 1908 Gin Sale price$70.00