Casamigos Tequila Reposado


Casamigos Reposado is incredible tequila resulting from the 80 hours long fermentation process. The wine-making procedure is carefully done with professionalism. The purified water used for the production of Reposado tequila is also taken from the original well.

The careful hand-selected agave pinas are roasted in the traditional ovens for 72 hours. Later on, the master distiller used a unique yeast blend to get the refined zest in every sip of tequila.

The complex production includes the harvesting of agaves and processing within two days to preserve the natural aromas. Later on, an extra-slow fermentation is carried out to bring its true character. 

Tasting notes The flavor is appealing, offering rich notes of caramel, and oak with hints of cocoa. The palate is loaded with the dominating flavor of tropical fruits, vanilla and oak. The fruity zest along with the agave notes is followed by a short to medium finish. Enjoy it neat, on the rock or in the cocktail.

Palate The palate is super soft and bursts into an explosion of flavour. The extremely silky texture is followed by a long-lasting and smooth finish. The notes of dried fruits and spicy oak are accompanied by sweet agave touch.

Nose Reposado tequila conveys rich aromas of oak and caramel with hints of cocoa.

Best way to enjoy You can serve Reposado tequila neat or on the rocks. Reposado tequila is also a perfect base for cocktails. It is the best drink to rock your party. So hit the toast and enjoy it with friends.

Type Tequila
Color Golden
Region Mexico
Brand Casamigos
Alcohol content 40%
Size 750mL
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