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Bowmore 30 Year Old (2022)

Sale price$4,410.00

This rare Bowmore 30 Year Old (2022) whiskey is an excellent example of the highest quality Scotch whisky production. Aged for 30 years in both American Oak and European Oak barrels, this single malt whisky has an intense yet smooth flavor that highlights sweet honey and creamy vanilla while keeping a hint of coastal smoke. The finish is long and succulent, with the woody notes of oak giving its character a complex, earthy edge. As a spirit meant to be savored and enjoyed, the Bowmore 30 Year Old (2022) pairs perfectly with earthy, nutty flavors. Try pairing it with an aged sharp cheddar, a fig spread, and very dark chocolate. The sharp, sweet, and robust flavors create an excellent balance to the spirit’s warm earthy taste, while the addition of the dark chocolate offers a contrasting lightness and complexity. Enjoy this whisky neat or with a single cube of ice for the ideal tasting experience.

Bowmore 30 Year Old (2022)
Bowmore 30 Year Old (2022) Sale price$4,410.00