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Article: What Kind of Products Make For a Great Gift Basket?

What Kind of Products Make For a Great Gift Basket? - Vyno

What Kind of Products Make For a Great Gift Basket?

Gift baskets have a reputation for being beloved. From early offerings to ancient gods to the modern-day version, the $140,000 gift bags given to Oscar attendees, everyone loves a gift basket. 

The best gift basket is the kind that reflects the tastes of your loved ones. Curating a gift basket as a thank you or to mark special occasions is an extra special touch. You can handpick any items you like and choose a basket to decorate and arrange everything in. 

A professional gift basket brings just as much joy and saves time and money too. At Vyno, we believe that friends and family are what make life more enjoyable. We specialize in making the best wine, gift baskets, and spirits to make gift-giving a special occasion. 

We make our gift baskets with a professional presentation in mind so your loved ones receive an elegant and thoughtful gift. 

Read our list of the best gift basket products that are sure to please everyone.

Wine and Cheese 

These classic gift basket staples are tried and true items your loved ones will always appreciate. This pairing is so iconic that there are entire festivals dedicated to celebrating this delicious duo of flavors. 

Beyond being enjoyable to eat, there's another reason why this pairing is so popular. The combination of astringent wine and fatty cheese when enjoyed together help to create a balanced mouthfeel. This means you are less likely to experience a dry mouth. 

At Vyno, we're passionate about delivering premium wines. From reds to our sparkling wine selections, there is something for everyone. 

Red wine pairs beautifully with creamy, rich cheese. Our Wine & Cheese Gift Basket pairs a 750 mL bottle of Cakebread's popular Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine with a selection of exquisite cheese. 

This classic gift basket also comes with a variety of gourmet treats that pair well with wine and cheese. Items like prosciutto, cashews, honey with walnuts, fig spread, and crackers will make delicious side items to enjoy.

Our gift baskets are crafted daily and represent the best items available for the season, so baskets items may vary but all are of the highest quality. 

If you're creating your own gift basket, make sure to pair your red wine with sumptuous cheeses, like brie, sharp cheddar, Gouda, and Gruyère. 

Something Savory, Something Sweet

Nothing is more enjoyable than biting into treats that satisfy all your taste buds. 

A gift basket full of snacks that are both savory and sweet is sure to please your loved ones no matter what flavors they're craving. Items like candy, jams, and crackers balance each other out and offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Our Savory & Sweet Gift Basket features all the best delicacies and even pairs them with a 750 mL bottle of Möet & Chandon's Imperial champagne.

This classic champagne is bright, fruity, and features aromas of roasted nuts, rye bread toast, and grapefruit. 

To go along with this crowd-pleasing champagne we arrange an assortment of gourmet items that pair with it perfectly. You can find items like creamy brie, chocolate with hazelnuts, crackers, fig jam, pretzel sticks, and salted caramel chocolates in this gift basket. 

If you're putting together your own gift basket, consider including items like chocolate truffles, gourmet pickles, a fresh bread baguette, caramel squares, and stoneground mustard. When it comes to savory and sweet, don't be afraid to include the unexpected. 

Whether you're treating a loved one or gifting this to a client, a basket like this is perfect for sharing!

Chocolate Everything

Chocolate is universally beloved by everyone. That's why making a selection of chocolate the centerpiece of your gift basket is sure to please. 

The best thing about chocolate is that there are so many varieties that you can choose from. Pick items you know the person loves and also introduce them to unique, new flavors to try. 

Our Chocolate Gift Basket is an assortment of some of the most high-quality Lindt chocolate truffles, desserts, and bars. The flavors vary from milk to dark chocolate and also include unique flavors. 

This basket features rich, classic items. Items like Swiss luxury chocolates, a variety of gourmet truffles, various dark chocolate bars, hazelnut chocolates, and caramel sea salt chocolate.

There are also rare flavors in every basket, daring and delicious combinations like orange and almond dark chocolate and raspberry hazelnut chocolate. Explore dessert creations like éclair caramel or crème brûlée in the creation dessert box. 

This basket doesn't contain alcohol, making it perfect for recipients of any age. It makes a delightful gift basket delivery surprise for birthdays and parties. It also makes a suitable thank-you gift or appreciation gift for any of your clients or employees. 

It's lovely enough to offer as a raffle or game prize at any event. It even makes a suitable gift for the holidays and is perfect for your loved ones to enjoy around a fire or at a family gathering. 

Buy Your Loved One a Gift Basket Today 

A gift basket is a classic gift that is a tried and true symbol of appreciation. We hope you're inspired now to consider a special gift basket for the most special people in your life.

Whether you're inspired to create your own with these gift basket ideas or buy a professionally made one, we know your loved ones will enjoy their gift baskets. No need to google "gift baskets Toronto" because Vyno has you covered.

We understand how important it is for your gifts to reflect how much your friends and family mean to you. That's why we offer our gourmet gift baskets for simple and fast delivery in the U.S. and Canada.

Browse our selection of extraordinary gift baskets for the loved ones in your life today.

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