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Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac

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Remy martin XO excellence cognac is full-bodied champagne. XO means extra old, signifying the youngest brandy that has been stored for at least 6 years in oak casks. Remy Martin XO is the signature expression of the great cellar master.

The master cellar blend of 300-400 Eaux -de- vie derives from the vineyards of petite and grande champagne. Their master art of blending expresses the natural aromatic character of this extra old cognac. The complex blend of 400 aromatic Eaux- de -vie (which are 10-37 years old) linger the ancient character of oak. 

Remy Martin XO is exceptional and finest cognac with the perfect taste. The luxury cognac offers an indulging character in every sip. The texture is excellent with supreme richness and perfect balance. Remy Martin XO is a perfect cognac for the one to enjoy the blast of flavour in a single serving. The iconic bottle shape is itself the symbol of the luxurious style which is perfect to present to your loved ones. 

Palate The palate is matured with the explosion of flavours. The texture is extremely velvety. The taste of juicy plums and candied oranges are accompanied by hints of hazelnuts and cinnamon. The luxurious flavour is followed by a long-lasting finish.

Nose The myriad aromas are filled with jasmine, iris, fig and cinnamon.

Serving Enjoy the rich zest of Remy Martin XO with your favorite food and make your day memorable. You can enjoy it neat or straight. It is also served on large ice cubes or in classic cocktails.


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Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac Sale price$420.00