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The French originated St Rémy owns a worldwide reputation. The generous and bon vivant is the universal favorite and most prestigious French brandy. Every drop of St Rémy elicits the great living art of French. This unique brandy is available in more than 40 countries, including Canada.

St Rémy was introduced in 1886. Since then, the brandy has been a pride of French winery brandy. From the farming of grapes to their bottling, every process is carried out in the origin. St Remy brandy is an internationally famous drink originating from the French Loire Valley. Since 1886, St Remy brandy has been crafted with great care by professionals. The incredible spirit offers a wide range of vines and terroirs, each providing diverse notes of incredible aromas.

The brand style covers a variety of vines and terroir offering a diverse and complex nose. The secret recipe of St Rémy has been well protected in the black bottle for over 130 years. The roundness, subtleness and long rewarding finish are the signature style of the brand St Rémy.

St Remy is a globally popular French brandy. This prestigious liquor is a favorite drink of millions of hearts. With 130 years of excellence, this delicious brandy has been the top liquor for every kind of gathering.

The distinctive aromas and the unique flavor are the signature style of St Remy brandy.  The secret of its distinct savours hides in the finest grapes, collected from the legendary French vineyards, mostly aged in small oak barrels from Limousin.

St Remey VSOP is exceptionally neat, on ice or in cocktails. It is a gluten-free spirit suitable for both vegetarians and no veggies with no allergens.

Production Technique The procedure of making the remarkable liquor was initiated with the selection of a wide range of French grape diversity. The brand picks its grapes from the best vineyards in the region. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Beaujolais, Rhone and Loire Valleys, and Languedoc-Rous silicon present their fine grapes for producing the finest French brandy.  

Tasting Notes St Remy VSOP is very well-balanced and easy-going. The palate is round with a surprising and long-lasting finish. It offers a rich taste of fresh red berries with the sweetness of vanilla. The vivacity opening turns quickly into fruity notes of apricot, peach, gooseberry and strawberry. The nose is generous and delicate. The floral aromas convey the sweet tones of vanilla and wood.

Best Food Pairing The rich flavors of brandy make it an ideal pair with venison meat. You can also try a combination of brandy with any strong cheese, mackerel, or sardines. The brandy also goes well with desserts like chocolate mouses and ice cream.

Best way to drink St Rémy Pour 4 cl of St Remy VSOP in a long tumbler, and top up with cola, ginger ale or cloudy apple. Enjoy your drink by enhancing the zest with a pinch of fresh lime juice. St Rémy is recommended to enjoy from a glass full of ice cubes along with VSOP and bitters. Pour up cola, garnish with orange slices, stir and enjoy. Remy and ginger ale has been a classic mixer for St Rémy. Hit the toast by pouring 1 shot of Remy Martin Cognac and enjoy the ice-loaded chill tumbler. Fill your glass with 1 ounce of your Cognac. Stir the ginger ale slowly after putting your favorite liquor into the glass and enjoy your drink.


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