Smirnoff Vodka (PET) 1.14L


Smirnoff Vodka is a globally popular and consistent brand. Smirnoff offers a wide range of diverse vodka, flavored vodka, and malt beverages. Each product of Smirnoff Vodka is of top quality with no match.  

This widespread brand is available in more than 130 countries. According to a report, Smirnoff Vodka has been the top-selling vodka brand in 2014. Since then, the brand has strongly held its position in the international market. 

Smirnoff No. 21 premium vodka is an incredible expression of the Smirnoff brand. It is a top-selling premium vodka brand throughout the world. The exceptionally smooth spirit achieves its outstanding characteristics after passing through the thrice distillation process from grain and ten times filtration process from environment tally sustainable charcoal.

Tasting Notes

Smirnoff No. 21 premium vodka opens up smoothly. This pure-tasting spirit conveys a rewarding whisper of sweetness and hints of pepper. The super soft and clean palate offers pure blend of flavor that flutters your taste buds. 

Best Ways to Enjoy

Smirnoff No. 21 premium vodka is the preferred vodka for a wide range of cocktails such as Smirnoff passion fruit or Espresso Martini. It is best to enjoy it in the summer.

Smirnoff soda fruit smash is also an ideal drink to make your afternoon special. It is also an excellent pre-dinner drink.

How to Serve Smirnoff Vodka

Pour your long tumbler with 25ml Smirnoff along with ice. Now put up 150ml soda and squeeze half a citrus fresh and enjoy the zest. You can also add orange, grapefruit or lime juice according to your taste. 

Best Food Pairings

Smirnoff Vodka can be enjoyed with cheese, pickles, smoked fish, caviar and sweet toasted bread, sashimi, shrimp cocktail, grapefruit juice, and dumplings.

Type Vodka

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Size 1140mL

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