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Sidewood Shiraz 2019

Sale price$28.00

Sidewood Shiraz 2019: Enjoy a Complex Blend of Fruity Flavors and Mouth-Watering Aroma This classic Shiraz is sure to be a hit at any dinner party or gathering. With a deep purple-red hue and rich aromas of fresh dark fruits and sweet spice, this wine entices your senses the second the cork is popped. On the palate, flavors of ripe blackberry, plum, and dried herbs are balanced by subtle oak and a creamy texture. The lengthy finish is smooth, balanced and boasts a delightful fruity aftertaste. This medium-bodied wine pairs exceptionally with pork, grilled vegetables, and rich pasta dishes. Enjoy a glass on its own to fully experience the complex flavors, or serve it with friends for an evening of endless toasts. 

Sidewood Shiraz 2019
Sidewood Shiraz 2019 Sale price$28.00