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Methodical Loose Leaf Tea- Earl Grey

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Introducing Methodical Tea's Earl Grey loose leaf. This carefully crafted tea blend combines aromatic Bergamot, bright lemon peel and a floral aroma to create a unique flavor not found in other Earl Grey teas. It's made with natural ingredients and is sourced from the highest quality tea gardens to ensure the best taste and flavor. Methodical Tea's Earl Grey is perfect for moments of relaxation and contemplation or to share with friends and family. Perfect for your morning wake-up, the bold and herbaceous flavors of this tea blend make it an ideal choice for your daily tea routine. The light citrus notes perfectly complement the bolder aroma of Bergamot, with a mild and smooth finish. Methodical Tea's Earl Grey pairs especially well with subtle dishes such as smoked salmon with lemon dill sauce, meat-based dishes like pork chop with sweet and sour fig glaze and vegetable-based dishes like roasted Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar. Enjoy the delicate flavor and health benefits of this naturally-sourced cup of tea that helps ease digestive complaints, reduce headaches and improve your overall sense of wellbeing.
Methodical Loose Leaf Tea- Earl Grey
Methodical Loose Leaf Tea- Earl Grey Sale price$30.00