Markland Cottage Winery

Markland Blueberry Wine K

IT Markland Blueberry Wine KIT is perfect for amateur vinters and wine enthusiasts alike. Craft your own delicious and flavorful blueberry wine with this easy to use kit – no special tools or expensive equipment needed! This kit includes all of the needed supplies, ingredients and instructions you will need to make your own home-made wine. The juice used in this kit is a blend of premium wild and organic blueberries carefully harvested and ripened in northern climes. The result is a tart and fresh flavor that pairs beautifully with a variety of foods. Perfect for sipping on a warm summer day or pairing with poultry or pork dishes, this blueberry wine kit is sure to impress your friends and family. The Markland Blueberry Wine KIT includes a powerful yeast that creates a full bodied white wine with an aroma and flavor of wild blueberries. Each bottle produces fifteen liters of finished product that can be enjoyed at any time. Best of all, it takes only four weeks for the newfound winemaker to enjoy their handiwork! Start your wine making experience with Markland's Blueberry Wine KIT. Experience the taste and aroma of wild blueberries and craft a deliciously tart and sweet wine to enjoy with meals and at casual events. Enjoy the art of wine-making with the Markland Blueberry Wine KIT!
Type Fruit Wine | Kosher
Region Newfoundland, Canada
Winery Markland Cottage Winery 
SKU 337824
Alcohol content 10%
Size 750mL
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