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DOMENIS 1898 Storica Barriques Millesimato Grappa 500mL

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DOMENIS 1898 Storica Barriques Millesimato Grappa 500mL - A Testament to Artisanal Distillation and Heritage

From the heart of Italy, where age-old traditions meet passionate craftsmanship, DOMENIS 1898 presents the Storica Barriques Millesimato Grappa. This Grappa is not merely a spirit but a symphony of flavors and history, capturing the essence of a time-honored distillation process.

Color - Elegance in Clarity
When poured, its crystalline appearance glimmers, hinting at the purity and intricate character that awaits within.

Nose - A Timeless Bouquet
As it meets the senses, the Grappa unfolds a rich array of aromas. Fragrant notes of dried fruits, vanilla, and subtle hints of toasted oak, a nod to its barrique aging, dance harmoniously, setting the stage for the tasting journey.

Palate - A Dance of Depth and Delicacy
On the palate, this Millesimato Grappa reveals a harmonious blend of flavors. Ripe stone fruits intertwine with nuances of honey and spices, creating a tapestry of taste. The smooth, rounded texture, resulting from meticulous aging in barriques, ensures a finish that is both lingering and captivating.

Craftsmanship and Heritage Combined
DOMENIS 1898, with its storied legacy, showcases its expertise in this Grappa. Drawing from techniques passed down through generations, each bottle is a reflection of the dedication to quality, flavor, and authenticity.

A Spirit of the Land
The Storica Barriques Millesimato is more than just a Grappa; it is a story of the Italian terroir, the grapes that thrive in its embrace, and the hands that transform them into this exquisite spirit.

Gifting - Sharing a Slice of Italian Mastery
Gifting a bottle of DOMENIS 1898 Storica Barriques Millesimato Grappa is a gesture of refined taste. It serves as a bridge to Italy's rich distillation heritage, making it a treasured choice for those who value traditions, craftsmanship, and moments of pure indulgence.

DOMENIS 1898 Storica Barriques Millesimato Grappa 500mL | Exquisite Wine & Alcohol Gift Delivery Toronto Canada | Vyno
DOMENIS 1898 Storica Barriques Millesimato Grappa 500mL Sale price$138.00