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Châteaux Vieux Chevrol 2019

Sale price$44.00

This exquisite 2019 Châteaux Vieux Chevrol is an exquisite French red wine made from Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes grown in the Loire Valley. With enticing aromas of ripe red fruit, dark, spicy oak and graphite, it is a vibrant and complex wine, brimming with flavor. Its bright ruby-red color leads to silky, rounded tannins and a long, decadent finish. On the palate, it offers an array of flavors, from blackberry and raspberry to graphite and dark cherry, with just a hint of smokiness. When paired with a dish, it picks up mushroom and herbal notes, creating a beautiful balance of flavors. Additionally, its high acidity allows it to pair well with both red and white meats, as well as hard cheeses. The Châteaux Vieux Chevrol 2019 is an exceptional wine that will please even the most discerning of palates. Its complexity and elegance will transform your meal into a luxurious and unique dining experience.

Châteaux Vieux Chevrol 2019
Châteaux Vieux Chevrol 2019 Sale price$44.00