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Champagne Victoire Brut Prestige


The great Champagne Victoire came from the family of Rapeneau. Jean -Francois Rapeneau and Christophe Rapeneau work hard to introduce their wine that is rich in freshness, vitality, and strength. They choose the name Victoire for their champagne and the falcon, an eagle symbol that represents victory.

The two brothers introduced their very first expression of Cuvee Victoire in 1989. Since then, the champagne Victoire managed to maintain its popularity throughout the world.
The winemaking procedure includes fresh grapes taken carefully and selected from Premier Cru vineyards. The Champagne Victoire Brut Prestige is straw-colored giving a strong robe with a golden glint.

Champagne Victoire opens up with a complex nose of grapefruit that is followed by notes of rich honey. The fine delicate bubbles give the sparkling Champagne Victoire a refreshing look. The density and intensity of the champagne are well balanced.

The floral nutty aromas with the slight citrus note are intense on the nose. It has a remarkable nose of brioche, Quince jelly aromas with a touch of ash and light tobacco.

The lovely fragrance of Victoire covers fresh lemon, liqueur, and fresh peas. The delicious and intense toasty almonds and crispy nutty and citrus-dried lemon fruits enrich the sparkling Champagne Victoire with flavors. The delightful banana flesh with the perfect acidity maintains freshness in every batch.

Foods to Pair
The finish is rewarding with lively acidity. This amazing sparkling Champagne Victoire paired excellently with over a dozen meals, especially with seafood. It pairs best with Dim Sum, mushrooms, almonds, potato chips, whole grilled lobster, and fish. The pleasing floral aromas make it an excellent shot for romantic tables.

The Look An intense robe with golden glints.

The Smell A wonderfully fresh aftertaste, lemon liqueur, fresh peas.
A fine density to the nose, intense.

The Taste Banana flesh, lovely supporting freshness, has wonderful acidity.
An invigorating, lively mouth.

Type Champagne
Grapes 40% Chardonnay, 55% Pinot Noir, 5% Meunier
Region Champagne, France
Winery Gh Maretel Champagne Wines
SKU 190025
Alcohol content 12%
Size 750mL


VICTOIRE CHAMPAGNE BRUT PRESTIGE is the historic wine cellar in the enormous champagne world. It is a French brand that ranks among the top 30 best champagnes of 2022.

The first Victoire Champagne was made in 1989 by two brothers, Jean Francois and Rapeneau and both of them excel at their work. The champagne come from the family estate and is made with grapes that are harvested and taken carefully and selectively with an emphasis on Premier Cru vineyards.

Champagne Victoire Brut Prestige is one of the finest expressions of Victorie Champagne. It is straw-colored lighter-styled champagne. This amazing brut offers an outstanding fresh aftertaste. The golden yellow hue maintains the fruity flavors with lovely crisps.

This pleasing dry champagne offers quality standards at a very reasonable price. It has delicate medium-sized bubbles that give the champagne a refreshing and lively appearance. The hint of banana flesh flavor also contributes to the refreshing zest.

On the palate, it leaves an extra dry but smooth feel with nutty and toasty fruity flavors. The fruity notes of green apple and lemon make it crispy. It is crispier on the palate than on the nose. The acidity of Victoire champagne is well maintained with an excellent fruity, clean and creamy medium to long finishing.

Champagne Victoire Brut Prestige is rich in the nutty and floral aroma followed by delicious citrus notes. The champagne has a creamy texture and expansive notes of red apples, lemon custard, and red pear fruit. The delicate floral aromas make the VICTOIRE BRUT PRESTIGE the best match for any special dinner or event.

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