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Marble and wood cheese board

Sale price$45.00

This chic Black Marble and Natural Wood Serving Board adds a unique and elegant touch to any home. Its sleek beauty is both visually appealing and delicate. Crafted from natural black marble and natural wood, the board is perfect for serving bread, sushi, desserts and as a small cheese board. Not only can it be used for food, but could also be used for décor in any room. The combination of black marble and natural wood creates a stunning visual contrast. Due to its natural texture, the marble is non-porous and helps keep food cold for longer. The marble keeps the board cool and will not absorb any smells or flavours from cooked food. It also requires very little maintenance and can be easily wiped down after use. A perfect wedding or housewarming gift, this beautiful black marble and natural wood serving board will add a touch of sophistication to any space. Create a statement with this unique board and impress your guests at your next dinner party. The board is also ideal for gifting, featuring a timeless classic design everyone will love. Pair this modern serving board with a variety of wines, small nibbles and dried fruit for an impressive small plate presentation. The marble and wood texture are guaranteed to show off any romantic dinner presentation full of love. This unique black marble and natural wood serving board is an ideal gift or an addition to any home. Its classic and timeless style is perfect for entertaining and will have you captivated every time!
Marble and wood cheese board
Marble and wood cheese board Sale price$45.00