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Becherovka Original Liqueur

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Becherovka Original Liqueur is an iconic Czech herbal liquor with a unique and unmistakable flavor. Made according to a secret recipe that was first developed in the late 1800s, this traditional craft spirit is distilled with a blend of more than two dozen spices and herbs and natural spring water for an unforgettable taste. Its inherently sweet and herbaceous flavor has hints of anise and citrus, and its distinct aroma makes it a great addition to any bar. Perfect for sipping neat or in cocktails, this classic liqueur adds a special touch to drinks like the Becherovka Mojito and the Czech Mule. Serve it chilled or over ice for a truly unique experience. It can also be used to add depth to a range of sauces and glazes for savory dishes.
Type Liqueurs
Region Czechia
Brand Becherovka
SKU 603456
Alcohol content 38%
Size 750mL

Becherovka Original Liqueur
Becherovka Original Liqueur Sale price$47.00