Dom Pérignon

Dom Perignon Brut Vintage Champagne 2013


Dom Pérignon Brut Vintage Champagne is the world's most legendary Champagne still remains one of the best. Always in style, it shows layers of citrus, nuts, toast, with an olive oil richness. A terrific match for freshly made sushi, Thai coconut shrimp or Alaskan king crab.

Dom Perignon Champagne is vintage champagne by Moët Chandon, only with each vintage being a creation, singular and unique, that expresses both the character of the year. After resting for at least eight years of elaboration in the cellars, the wine embodies the perfect balance of the house Dom Pérignon, the Plénitude of harmony.

The 2013 vintage of Dom Perignon boasts a harmonious interplay of pinot noirs and chardonnays, blending their lively acidity with full-bodied richness. Its precise, elegant, and tactile bouquet unfurls in a delicate, powdery aromatic tapestry, revealing citrus, vegetal, and spicy notes in a sublime three-part harmony.

On The Nose The nose is full and varied, mingling flowers with fruit, and the vegetal with the mineral. The bouquet is tactile, subtly enticing us along a trail of powdery white flowers and nectareous apricot, followed by the freshness of rhubarb and mint and the minerality of ash. White pepper.

On The Palate Energy dominates on the palate. After a welcoming opening, the wine quickly becomes vibrant and then literally explodes with a surge of effervescence and tonicity. Focused by acidic and bitter notes, the finish brings a penetrating tautness marked by ginger, tobacco and toasted accents.

Type Champagne
Grapes Pinot Noir
Region Champagne, France
Winery Dom Pérignon
SKU 280461
Alcohol content 12.5%
Size 750mL



In mid 17th century monk Dom Pierre Pérignon nurtured an ambition to create “the best wine in the world”. This bold and visionary mind even went as far as to earn himself a place at the table of the Sun King, who was won over by the quality of his wine.
Three centuries later, Dom Perignon perpetuates this exceptional artisan’s vision and work, and he is now considered to be the spiritual father of Champagne. Dom Perignon vintages are produced using the best grapes on the estate. Each one is a unique creation with a style and an identity which are unique to its vintage: it is down to the Chef de Cave to decide if the vintage will be declared.
This vision is tangible through the subtle balance that characterizes the House Champagnes – an alliance of ripeness, vibrancy, lightness and intensity – giving the wine the potential to age with suppleness and elegance.

The philosophy, vision and spirit of Dom Perignon are incarnated in his Manifesto, a document which explains the ten basic principles guiding winemaking at the House. Dom Pérignon can only be a vintage and blended. Each year, the Chef de Cave reinvents the House style with different grapes, creating a unique vintage, a perfect balance between the expression of Dom Pérignon and the expression of the vintage itself. It is made using a subtle blend of two grape varieties – Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – which are taken from the very best vineyards in Champagne. The wines owe their complexity to the slow ripening of the grapes, which conserves freshness while revealing new aromas and new textures with the passing of time. These aromas, which develop in the wines as they are protected from oxygen during the aging process, guarantee exceptional cellaring potential and a characteristic minerality which is an aromatic signature of the House.


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