Henkell Rose Piccolo 3x200mL


In 1856, Adam Henkell started making sparkling wine in Mainz on Germany’s Rhine River and now Henkell is known as one of the most popular sparkling wine manufacturers.

Henkell Rosé is an elegant and refreshing sparkling wine that is obtained from a top variety of red grapes. The wine has a remarkable flavor of berry with a hint of strawberry fragrance. Its berry-like flavor offers a heavenly experience for the ones who desire a dry and international variety of rosé.

It has a light salmon pink color with a red berry and red grapefruit nose. It has distinguished light nutty and chocolate notes. The wine is extra dry and offers light citrus, gently fruity, floral, and berry fruit flavor with a finish of some mineral notes.
The wine has a delicate light rose color and fragrance of red berries with a slight hint of caramel. The final product of Henkell rosé has a harmonic composition that gives a perfect, well-rounded and complete taste experience.

Best foods to partner with sparkling wine
Sparkling wines are best to be served with shellfish, fish, or vegetable dishes. They have fresh, harmonious, rich fruitiness that is pleasingly balanced with acidity making them perfect to be used with a meal or for toasting, socializing, or as aperitifs.

Best sparkling wine serving tips
• If you want to chill a bottle from room temperature to perfect serving temperature quickly, you can use a gel cooler stored in the freezer that will make your wine chilled in just 20 minutes.
• If you have a large cooler or a bucket, you can fill it with ice cubes and water and your sparkling wine will be ready to serve in just 15 minutes.
• You can also keep the bubbles in the bottle for several days. You just need a sparkling wine stopper and keep the bottle in the fridge.

Type Sparkling Wine
SKU 269720
Size 3x200mL

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